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CULEMBORG CARGO AND CONTAINER TERMINAL (PTY) LTD (CCCT) was established in 2004 to take up the challenge of being the first black Import and Export groupage unpack & consolidation depot.

The directors of CCCT have attained a pre-eminent position in their own private businesses and have established themselves as worthy and credible business individuals.

The objectives of the Company have influenced its vision to become a major role player in the development of skills transfer and promote opportunities for previous disadvantaged persons.

The Company recognizes the importance of maintaining a proper balance in meeting the needs of the Import and Export industry and who have vested interest in its well-being and South Africa. Our location is easily accessible and being located opposite the Port of Cape Town, saves our clients time and money.

The vision of CCCT to serve the needs of our clients remains as strong as ever.

The objectives of the Company are formulated to achieve the highest standard of quality.